Monday, 17 December 2007

A Book of Questions

Bible is a book of questions. It is more of a book of questions than a key of answers. The questions it posses are so fundamental that it will force you on a journey of inner discovery and a deep-rooted trust in the Divine-providence. In its very first question it asks; ‘Adam, where are you?’ It is an everlasting question reminding men of all the ages his unique place in the created universe.

When John the Baptist sends his disciples to Jesus to ask; “ Are you the one who is to come or are we wait for another?”, it becomes the question of the entire humanity in search of God. Even today and will ever be so also, there are many on the brink of the doubt sounding the same question to Jesus; “ Are you the One who is to come?” It is in the lives of such the true Christmas should happen.

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