Monday, 26 November 2007

Clever people


Main Entry:clev·er
Etymology:Middle English cliver, perhaps of Scandinavian origin; akin to Danish dialect kløver alert, skillful
Date:circa 1595
: skillful or adroit in using the hands or body : nimble <clever fingers>
: mentally quick and resourceful clever young lawyer>
: marked by wit or ingenuity clever solution> clever idea>



There are some clever people
Who may be compared to
The small fashionable shops;
All their merchandise is displayed
In the show window.

(Berthold Auerbach)

Clever people are like fragrant roses;
When you smell one rose it’s delightful,
But smelling a whole bouquet
You may get quite a headache

(Mortiz G. Saphir)

When copper excels the gold…

The classic gospel narrative of the copper coin shows the alchemistic nature of the Kingdom of God. Who else on earth will value two copper coins more that the many golden ones? Only God who assigns the worth and value of everything can declare it to be so.

We all give ourselves to each other in different and varied ways. It may be through our acts of service, support, thoughts, or through acts of authority. We all believe in equal sharing. Each and everyone puts in equal amount of service for the well being of the other. It is even marked as a sign of good democracy; the equality of all.

Do Jesus fall for this ‘trickery of equality’? I think ‘No’ because that’s what all the lesson these two little copper coins teach us. All what you give will be valued only in the context of what you have stored back in your wallets and barns. That’s why the golden offerings did not glow better in Jesus’ eyes. Yes, we will be valued by not what we give, but by what we hold back for ourselves. The story of the death of the couple in Acts also testifies to this.

Thursday, 8 November 2007

Incredible Visual Illusions (You won't believe your eyes!)

Incredible Visual Illusions (You won't believe your eyes!) [ILLUSTRATED] (Paperback)
by Al Seckel (Author)

i read this great book of visual illusions only today.

Monday, 5 November 2007

subtle differences

Never confuse a single defeat with a final defeat.
-Scott Fitzgerald, American Author-

On Limits and Limitations:

Most of the times, we count our limits as our limitations.
Our limits are never our limitations;
They are actually the most realistic paths to the many real possibilities life offers us.

On Fences:

We should never dream about a world without fences.
History has proved that as an impossible one,
Though seemed quite enchanting and beautiful.

It is good to written as poetry,
But even when in writing it,
We are limit or words by the Margins,
For they are the boundaries of our writing pad.

We should dare to dream about a world with better fences,
Which respects the rights of all,
and gives each one his due.

On Living on the edge:

Sometimes our thinking patterns knock us out onto the edge of everything.
It happens in when there is more thinking and les living or vise versa.
Anyhow it happens to everyone.
Being on the edge is an invitation to a balance,
between the life and the thought.

Nobody can live on the edge for so long.
Either we fall back or move ahead.
It necessitates the need to be informed and prepared,
Realistically and creatively.
To accept the very many surprises the life offers us,
We should be Zen- like; well balanced.
It comes from experience, and never from learning.

Many of Life’s choicest blessings come in gloomy wrappers.
If only we are experienced in unwrapping those miseries…

The ordinary is not just the ordinary

The ordinary is not just the ordinary.
It will either kill you or create you, anew..
It all depends on the way we opt out.
Actually we can do things better than the way we do now.
It all begins when we force ourselves to think and behave different and difficult (at times)
All the journeys are hard for a lazy onlooker.
The game is to start walking, whether comfortable or not.
The journey in itself is wisdom, strength, and grace.
Get going….