Monday, 26 November 2007

When copper excels the gold…

The classic gospel narrative of the copper coin shows the alchemistic nature of the Kingdom of God. Who else on earth will value two copper coins more that the many golden ones? Only God who assigns the worth and value of everything can declare it to be so.

We all give ourselves to each other in different and varied ways. It may be through our acts of service, support, thoughts, or through acts of authority. We all believe in equal sharing. Each and everyone puts in equal amount of service for the well being of the other. It is even marked as a sign of good democracy; the equality of all.

Do Jesus fall for this ‘trickery of equality’? I think ‘No’ because that’s what all the lesson these two little copper coins teach us. All what you give will be valued only in the context of what you have stored back in your wallets and barns. That’s why the golden offerings did not glow better in Jesus’ eyes. Yes, we will be valued by not what we give, but by what we hold back for ourselves. The story of the death of the couple in Acts also testifies to this.

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