Monday, 5 November 2007

subtle differences

Never confuse a single defeat with a final defeat.
-Scott Fitzgerald, American Author-

On Limits and Limitations:

Most of the times, we count our limits as our limitations.
Our limits are never our limitations;
They are actually the most realistic paths to the many real possibilities life offers us.

On Fences:

We should never dream about a world without fences.
History has proved that as an impossible one,
Though seemed quite enchanting and beautiful.

It is good to written as poetry,
But even when in writing it,
We are limit or words by the Margins,
For they are the boundaries of our writing pad.

We should dare to dream about a world with better fences,
Which respects the rights of all,
and gives each one his due.

On Living on the edge:

Sometimes our thinking patterns knock us out onto the edge of everything.
It happens in when there is more thinking and les living or vise versa.
Anyhow it happens to everyone.
Being on the edge is an invitation to a balance,
between the life and the thought.

Nobody can live on the edge for so long.
Either we fall back or move ahead.
It necessitates the need to be informed and prepared,
Realistically and creatively.
To accept the very many surprises the life offers us,
We should be Zen- like; well balanced.
It comes from experience, and never from learning.

Many of Life’s choicest blessings come in gloomy wrappers.
If only we are experienced in unwrapping those miseries…

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