Sunday, 27 September 2009

Chandrayaan-I: the reason why India should re-invent the wheel.

"It is not a question of whether we can afford it, it's whether we can afford to ignore it."                                      

( Dr K. Kasturirangan, chairperson,Indian Space Research Organization)  

Chandrayaan-1 ( launched last October), the Indian lunar mission became a part of history in late august-2008, when its communication system shut down.
Criticism was abundant.
They said,the Indian space program is like re-inventing the wheel.
Questions were posed one upon another, even without waiting for any answers.
This week (2009/09/25) when NASA declared about the Chandrayaan's finding of water on Lunar surface, it really made History and hand-signed it.

It was indeed a brilliant question: Do we need to re-invent the wheel? 
It seems to me it has to be so,if we need to advance further on.
It is an inspiration and an ambition.

If a $80 million program can serve as a dream and inspiration for the Indian generations and to mark a leap in the human scientific knowledge.... 
how we can afford to ignore it?

image: India's Chandrayaan-1. (EPA)

Saturday, 26 September 2009

“Selling God”: The Age of Persuasion

Pls find the link to one of my never-miss radio broadcasts on CBC Radio.The Age of Persuasion

This week Terry O’Reilly marches you boldly where the angels of marketing fear to tread: he looks at the delicate, always-controversial relationship between faith and advertising. He’ll look into the controversy surrounding recent bus ads, which read “There Probably Is No God. So Stop Worrying and Enjoy Your Life.” And he’ll explain why not all people of faith embrace the marketing tactics popular in some of today’s churches.

it is curious...

it is curious that people who taught others for many long years,
never learned themselves the basic lessons of living.
Then, it tempts to ask ' what the hell did you teach and did you learn?'

Sometimes, they even risk becoming small people,
in their own small world with an even more smaller heart.

Indeed, learning and teaching are two different things.
Blessed are you those who lean  by teaching.

Wednesday, 23 September 2009

Psaumes du temps présent ( modernday psalms)

It has been quite a long blog-break.
Now, let me come back home.

I found a beautiful book.
It is a collection of poems.

Psaumes du temps présent by Alina Reyes 

Mais Dieu évolue comme sa créature
Dans le temps, hors du temps, il lui faut
Faire des sauts, préciser son être.

I would do a free translation of these lines in this way

But God too evolves like his creature
in the TIME, out of the TIME,
he has to make certain leaps,
he has to precise his being. 

Needless to say, i am not so happy with this translation.
However it gives a glimpse of the original French lines.

It's interesting that God also evolves....