Wednesday, 30 January 2008

lors d'un départ: before you are gone...

Normally, it will be an earful chatter about almost everything under the sun, and even sometimes above it.
It was always on things insignificant but had a great significance for  us.
All of a sudden, there was silence, creeping in bit by bit.... i knew it. 
It is neither holy nor profane. Its we, the people who mould it either way.
I knew the growing silence was dense. When the words do not suffice, 
we grow silent.

Sometimes we change even the continents and do not feel any thing,
But sometimes we shift from a  chair and feel the universe go upside down.
I know  you are having  such a change, which forces new priorities and possibilities, 
While closing down many present ones.
But, it is change that makes people grow wide and deep.
I pray you grow wide as the heavens and as deep as the oceans.

now, i sit back and watch the snowflakes cover my window glass.
What it was all meant for us, not just for me alone, but for us, i dare to ask.
we contributed, contradicted, confirmed, and even at times confused many little, fragile  things.
Those little and insignificant things that always grow in significance,
As it always happen in good friendships.

now, before you are gone,
i want to tell you this, that ``You Are Significant``
and i will not say `thank you,
because i know sometimes it is a parting word, so hauntingly final.
see you,
God Bless!

photo credit: black.saturn

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