Wednesday, 31 December 2008

Living with Terrorism

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Terrorism has no heart, no feelings but humankind has to live with but we need to make corrections in our way of life.

Every citizen should wake up to patriotic feelings shed away differences of religion, caste, region and vote to bring impartial candidates. Support the law keepers to allow stringent security at any point, inform about suspicious characters and activities, allow a feeling of unity rejecting acts of divisive politics. Any body breaking the law starting from basic traffic crimes should be dealt with severely as to bring about the discipline of a law abiding nation. Even with any sort of security if traitors within our country help these perpetrators we will still end up in such similar sieges.

Have any country been able to stop the sea piracy that still goes even with availability of the latest gadgets onboard? But the enemy also tends to have the advantage of these new found technologies with the type of funding received from such supporting bodies. Hence only with sensible citizen assistances can we eliminate such barbaric activities. Yes, money is an element which could buy cowards who would rob our country of a peaceful state and all our NRI's should remember not to criticize our country but help to build a nation which has 110 crores of peoples of all diversity rather than compare it other nations developed over a longer period with a limited controllable population. In our humble way we need to start addressing problems of enmity, shed differences in communities, win friendship with our show of compassion and love rather with threats of war to endanger more lives with terror sown into young minds.

If we could induce discipline into our society it will in a period of time improve sensible thinking into the public to elect better candidate rather be fooled by false election promises. If Indians own and manage many great MNC's in the world with international standards, an indicator that we possess the best people who can manage our country in good sensible manner provided the public be able to impartially sort the good ones.

At this hour of crisis we must adopt practical thinking with the limited resources within our system. Without wasting time the present existing laws must be enforced in total faith, book all those politicians who think above the law inciting communal feeling. All such fundamental groups inciting/terrorising such passion also should be banned to start putting our house in order. End result the job of the security officers would become easier with freedom to concentrate on security management.

This the People of India should stand up together to make our Land free from such hate crimes.

Donald DCruz, Mundakkal West, Kollam -691001.

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hi, lets save palestine from terror israeli..