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The Path to Power & Higher Consciousness

In recent times many people have wondered what a mystic or what mysticism means. The
most general misconception about mysticism is that it concerns weird, awesome, or strange
phenomena. However, nothing can be far from the truth. The mystic is one who definitely
desires and seeks true knowledge.

The mystic believes in the unity of reality. To him, matter, body, and mind are but One
manifestation of a Single Divine Intelligence. Even time and space are but indications and
limitations of human perception; for he considerats them but variations of the Absolute
One. For him, the fundamental nature of reality is energy - at different vibratory levels.
Seen through an electron microscope, matter - never at rest - is but moving electrons. And
what are electrons but energy.

But he holds upon these concepts not MERELY AS BELIEFS - for, in the first place, what then
differentiates him from the huge mass of humanity who wallow in ignorance? Rather, he
holds upon these concepts which he has VERIFIED to be TRUE through the practice of
certain methods that validly brought him to these conclusions. These he has verified thru his
own experience of samadhi or Self-realization; for UNLESS a person experiences this, he is
likened unto an animal driven by desires and prey to the twists and turns of mighty karma.
This method is scientific for whosoever practices the same methods - like kundalini yoga -
will necessarily arrive to the same conclusions. Mysticism is the only way out of solving the
great riddle of existence. All great saints, authentic masters, and mystic philosophers went
through this process that it needs no more substantiation.

Mysticism molds man into a well- rounded individual. Its purpose is to bring out the best in
man - to let his personality blossom into its fullest capacity and its most beautiful and
perfect manifestation. Mysticism is man-making. Some would even say it is " superman" -
making because man's exceptional talents, skills, and abilities, which normally remain
hidden and untapped, are induced to come out in the open, to grow and flourish in stunning
magnificence. Mystical personalities include Socrates, Plato, Francis Bacon, St. Germaine,
Galileo, Sir Isaac Newton, Leonardo da Vinci, Rene Descartes, Beethoven, Bach, Mozart,
Benjamin Franklin, Nicholas Roerich, and, the Filipino hero, Dr. Jose Rizal.
The true mystic is then very rarely the ascetic who shuns society and escapes the necessary
vital experiences of being with people. More commonly, mystics are the individuals at the
forefront of various fields of human endeavor. They are the leaders, pacesetters, inventors,
philanthropists, exceptional artists - whom, more often than not, the public knows next-tonothing
about. They are the unheard-of success stories. For the gifts of mysticism include
not only the ways and means to the heights of success and accomplishment, but also the
zealous love of privacy and seclusion - the mystic sees no need for flattery and public
adulation. Vanity is alien to him.

How does mysticism help one to succeed?

Mystical knowledge, as every member of our Order learns, includes insight into subtle but
powerful laws of the cosmos. These are laws that govern everything - from the movement
of microscopic atoms to the intricacies of human behavior and relationships and on to the
complex flurry and bustle of huge man-made systems and macrocosmic phenomena.
With knowledge of these laws, the mystic has a decided edge over his uninitiated
fellowmen. He can use his extraordinary wisdom to manifest everything that he so desires.
One such law is the very basic, ironclad law of karma. It simply says that whatever you sow,
you reap. Sow good, reap good. Sow evil, reap evil. It is neither positive nor negative.
Whenever we think, say, or do something, we create actions and these actions, in turn,
create reactions. This law is immutable.

In India, it is generally understood that we come into this life with predestined purpose or
activity based on the accumulated actions called sinchit karma. This destiny of the body in
one lifetime is called pralabdha karma. So we see that our present existence, the destiny of
our being, is "fated."
But in our choices, we are always free.

Unfortunately, the destiny or pralabdha karma, because of heavy karmic load, can take
away that freedom of choice. Tendencies from past lives (samskaras) make a slave of us in
the present incarnation. Today we are rich, in the next life paupers. Birth after birth, this is
what happens. We still have krimayan karma, garnered every second, every moment which
allows us to immediately equalize out thoughts or actions. If not equalized or
counterbalanced, thoughts and actions become, again, sinchit karma and the chain never
ends. But the law is merciful as well as just. It shows a ways out.

On this road, we can create our own destiny. We can build the program of our character to
regain full control of our lives and free ourselves from the clutches of karmic domination and
the overpowering influence of destiny karma.

The human body is composed of cells. Cells are composed of electrons. Within an electron is
vibrant energy which is wholly of the nature of consciousness. This consciousness is
impersonal. It is called prakriti. It can be tapped and programmed by certain techniques and
mental cybernetics. Once tapped, its powerful secrets can change our lives from one of
mediocrity to one of greatness. By knowing the electron composition of cells, we can
reprogram our habits. Habits beget personality. Personality begets destiny. But ours can be
a prakriti field of destiny, a prakriti field of success.

All authentic esoteric schools teach that within the body too are, at least, seven chakras or
psychic centers. In the casual plane, these are seen, by clairvoyant vision, as wheels of
light; in the astral plane, as luminous petals of lotuses; and in the physical plane, as glands.
These are vitalized and awakened by using concentration and appropriate meditation
techniques. One such center is the ajna chakra or pineal gland which, when roused, results
in greater appreciation for the high arts such as poetry, music, and painting. The brute
transforms into a man of culture! The poor man becomes a millionaire! A seeker gains an
understanding of the mysteries of existence!

Knowledge of the powers latent in the chakras has been the secret of the fame, wealth,
power, magnetism and charisma of kings, pharaohs, and emperors.

Each chakra is infused with God consciousness. It is the source of knowledge, the fountain
of truth, the abode of power. The great master Jesus said, "Know you not that you are God's
temple, and that God's spirit dwells in you?" The chakras, once awakened, take the student
into a higher form of consciousness that even a simple shoemaker like Jacob Boehme turned
into an erudite philosopher!

A mystery school is always afforded to man suitable and appropriate to his level of
development. God gives the knowledge, the power, the talents but it is up for man to bring
those innate potentialities into full fruition. In the words of a mystic:
"None is poor, O Bhika
Everyone hath rubies in his bundle
But how to untie the knot
He doth not know and thus remains a pauper."

The awakening of the chakras and kundalini is the means through which the seeker can soar
the heights of divine or cosmic illumination. Within the archive of the Order are the secret
techniques, handed down through the ages for his noble purpose. Ultimately, your choice is
your key. 

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