Saturday, 15 January 2011

JANUARY-14: Sabarimala stampede : Why tragedy repeats the same day over the years?

A Sabarimala pilgrim awaits news of his relative outside Kumily Thaluk Hospital in Idukki district on Saturday. The death toll in the stampede that occurred on Friday at Pulmedu near Vandiperiyar has gone up to 102. Photo: H. Vibhu (

Why tragedy repeats the same day over the years?

1952, January 14 : 66 persons dead.
1999, January 14 : 52 persons dead
2011, January 14 : 102 and counting

This is a sad fact. It was an avoidable waste of life. 
Kerala has the excellent man / brain / economic resources to change things at Sabarimala but why it is not happening?

The traditional Political Mudsling has begun in Kerala.
Will it bring at least some considerable improvements in sabarimala ?
or, these 102 precious lives go waste and we hear the same news repeating over the years?
I have many questions, sir, because i want answers.

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