Sunday, 11 January 2015

Je suis Charlie : why we need a logo for crisis situations?

Je suis Charlie :  why we need a logo for a crisis? 

Yes we do! 
logo is the proof.

It seems to me that that logo helps us to name the 'unnamable'.
In every crisis situation, there is an inexplicable element.
when words do not suffice express something, symbols does.
Naming the incomprehensible, is important to begin to make peace / pact with it.

we need symbols.
They represent our prayers, joys,  fears and desire to name the unnamable.
j logo was such a symbol, helping us to face the fearful reality.

Thank you M. Joachim (@joachimroncin)  for this thoughtfully sacred symbol.
We now know that you did not have many hours to think about it.
It was something natural, straight from heart.
Your logo integrates words in cartoon like typography 
that helps us to be linked directly to Charlie Hebdo.

It is designed to be so simple, soothing but stark, staring direct into our disturbed hearts.

AsJoachim (@joachimroncin )tweeted a few hours earlier : 
Aujourd'hui, demain, toujours Charlie est grand
( Today, tomorrow, and  forever Charlie is Great )

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