Wednesday, 4 July 2007

I Can Read Your Mind

This time the question comes from a cocky young man.
“So can you can read my mind?”

He must be very very clever, otherwise how can he say such a stupid thing?
He just says it to annoy me.

Only very recently did I come to realize that I was the stupid one.
Of course, I can read people’s minds. And it’s not just psychologists who can do this.

We all read each other’s minds all the time. How else are we able to exchange ideas and create culture? But how do our brains enable us to enter those private worlds hidden in the minds of others?

I can see the edges of the universe with a telescope and I can see the activity in your brain with a scanner, but I can’t “see” into your mind. The mental world, we all believe, is quite distinct from physical reality. And yet in everyday life we are at least as much concerned with other minds as we are with physical reality. Most of our interactions with other people are interactions between minds, not between bodies.

You are learning about my mind by reading this post.
I am hoping to change the ideas in your mind by writing this blog.

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