Wednesday, 4 July 2007

The wonderful universe: Roy Abraham Varghese

Today an excerpt from an international best seller by a keralite.
This indeed is a wonderful book…buy/borrow/grab/steal a copy of it….

Great scientific minds, from Isaac Newton to Albert Einstein to Stephen Hawking, have in fact recognized that the universe is indeed an invention, the invention of infinite Intelligence. As these scientists see it, science becomes especially exciting if we recognize its true mission as the study of an invention generated by an infinite Mind. Einstein said that it is the cosmic religious experience that is the strongest driving force behind scientific research.

To grasp the
inventedness of the world, we need to both reflect on the big picture and look at the universe as if we were seeing it for the first time. Now you’ve described this as a poetic vision pre-dating science. Let me remind you that many of the greatest modern scientists were driven more by the beauty they
discovered in the structure of the world than by any other consideration.
Richard Feynman, for instance, said that truth can be recognized by its beauty and simplicity. The poets have much to offer as well. William Blake talked of seeing a world in a grain of sand. Gerard Manley Hopkins sought the dearest freshness “deep down things.” These may have been pre-scientific intuitions, but they seem to me perfectly compatible with all that we’ve learnt about fields, particles and space-time.

(The Wonder of the World By Roy Abraham Varghese)

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