Wednesday, 8 August 2007

All the king's horses and all the king's men

“Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall.
Humpty Dumpty had a great fall.
All the king's horses and all the king's men
Couldn't put Humpty together again”.

In our brotherhood, we had the discretion to keep many words below the breath level. Even when forced to utter those, we all knew in all the frankness of the truth and charity that they really discredited our integrity, tranquility and credibility. But yet we had those terms in our gleeful secret talks wherein we talked much and reduced ourselves to mean persons. ‘Small people talk about people...’, as Tobias S. Gibson observes and we know it out of experience. But we always knew how and where to limit ourselves. But recently the things turn the other way, I am afraid.

The talk is about the’ kings’ and ‘kingmakers’, put in black and white with a request for a display on the boards. I do appreciate all the people of character who dared not to place ‘those’ on exhibit, solely because they could recognize that such scraps do not belong to our notice boards, which is indeed a part of tradition ( I know how much value and respect a piece of paper commends, when mounted on our common board, from not so long past experiences….), but to the Paper Shredder machine, so that not even a naughty servant boy should peep into it when he takes it to the burning place.

For heaven’s sake, please don’t transfer personal problems into the entire community. Do not transfer your problems to us, dividing the serenity of the people with whom you share your life in commitment to those three graces. Everybody has their own angels to struggle with, just as Jacob of the Old Testament had. It is such a demanding struggle, that one to come through as a victor. Please do not rob us of our angels and replace devils to wrestle with. Please be charitable enough not to overburden us.

We may be able to term some as ‘kings’ due to their service responsibilities or childish fancies. We all wanted to be the ‘prime players’ all the time during our childhood games. Some people ever refuse to grow up from those infantile obstinacies, due to their wronged notions of self worth. But they are all excellent people, except that they can see others only in pro or con categories. We should all be sensible enough to save those people of their blinded visions, by not joining party to them, in all the charity and space that suits the gospel we believe and preach.

Please remember and be sure that there are no “kingmakers” or “people induced by geographical location of birth”, clamoring for ‘local’ justice. All such ‘local’ dreams shatter the universality of our vocation ideal. But as to be expected in any society, there are a few ‘person-turned-puppets’ dancing to the tunes they themselves so unfamiliar with. They are all wonderful people, except they are so insecure and dependent. We should be charitable enough to extent our understanding and try to bring them back to the knowledge of self-worth. They just need to feel secure.

Someone is there, forcing his insecurities upon us…
Someone is there, making us serve his selfish designs…
Someone is there, telling a lie, in guise of truth…
Someone is there, hiding amidst us, dividing us with all false promises…

Be brave and believe, there is nothing that cannot be solved, if you really want it.
If you want a solution you can have it in all the grandeur and dignity of peacefulness.
If not, you will stay forever as a problem…
Remember nobody really appreciates a problem, though they may tolerate it for some time…

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