Sunday, 5 August 2007

To touch the face of God

Scriptural journey through the Psalms need a fair bit of adventurous mind and attitude. If you ever dared to scale the mountains (however small it may be...), risked the forest foliage paths, and followed the streams, you are in most probability to understand better the language of the Psalms. When it sings of mountains, green pastures and streams, you will feel it in the best way possible then.

John M.Scott, S.J writes elaborately about this in “Touching the Face of God”. He writes beautifully about the Yosemite “ is a ballet of mountains standing on tiptoe. It is a symphony in stone with sentinel peaks rising like exclamation points in surprise over their own agility. It is a rhapsody of delight in granite monoliths that soar into the zenith as though they never heard of the law of gravity.”( ‘To God on skis’).

It all need the courage to leave the plains and to ascend in pursuit of visions and experiences higher… yes it is time to say good bye to the valleys… do dare to move up….closer to the heavens as near as possible….

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