Saturday, 15 September 2007

The magic of Bible : The story and the storyteller

We never let any story to remain uncompleted.
and that is the magic of the Bible.
He told it al in the forms of parables and stories.
Now, even after many millennia, we feel the fascination
A fascination to narrate and to listen to stories…

Stories are ‘Repeated Grace’.
We have listened to the gospel stories quite a lot of time.
But hey have a magic within them;
Each time they transport to the realm so different.
Sometimes surreal, sometimes so tangible
It varies… and it is in that variety the magic lies…

Often we talk about the storyteller fashioning the story
But, at times is the other way around.
The storyteller is moulded by the story he tells.

The Bible is all about the stories and the storytellers…
Moulding and creating us all anew…
Let the stories make better the storytellers…

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