Monday, 10 September 2007

Why the butterflies refuse to fly away?

Nature at its uninterrupted best knows no fear. Chasing a group of butterflies, the other day, was a fresh experience. It was not a typical wild area, but really a calm, serene, and secluded area in this vast rubber plantation near to my stay. I could sit close, point my macro lens so close, as if almost touching them…but they refused to fly away… They never bothered about my presence. My friend Joyson too shares a similar “ butterfly effect” that occurred to him while filming at the Alpine ranges in Venice. Nature at its undiluted and unpetrified best , knows no fear. Mel Gibson’s latest film “Apocalypto” too reels on this subtle aspect of fear. Fear is death.

All scriptures ask men to be bold.
The Bible asks us not to be afraid
Krishna asks Arjuna the same,
Buddha asks his disciples the same,
Prophet Mohammed exhorts his followers the same.)
Scientists also asks us the same
Okay fear not… dare, for nature at its best is fearless

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