Tuesday, 26 May 2009

When we communicate we love

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When we communicate we love, and when we love we do that which we have been “projected” for by our Creator, in addition to fulfilling our deepest and innate needs. Tis is why communication not only has value “in and of itself” but should be guarded and “built” with a quality that is worthy of its mission.
Therefore it is important to consider the quality of the content that is transmitted and shared through these new technologies.
The Pope lists the three directives of this qualitative research as the culture of respect, dialogue and friendship.
These three values should be sought by both the users and the administrators, above all with attention to the respect for life, often undermined by degrading images of life conveyed in many forms by the spread of new technologies.
So we need to exclude:
- everything that feeds hatred and intolerance
- everything that ties to an image that is devoid of the beauty and intimacy of humane sexuality
- everything that takes advantage of the weak and defenseless