Wednesday, 13 May 2009

why hopes must be shared?

HOPE is today's big word.
Hoping aganist the hope is just a matter ofinner clarity and strength.
In one way or other, we have HOPEs.

But it seems to me that a  HOPE becomes a HOPE only when it is shared.
at first we ask : Do i have any HOPE?
But we should dare to ask a second question too, that : Do we have any shared HOPEs?

we live in society.
we live in interrelatedness.
we have our sense and satisfaction of life from our Milieu.
we should form some shared hopes...

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Poo said...

I have often felt that Hope is like a lighted candle. When you allow your candle light or the flame to be shared to the a second candle, the places would be more bright and warm. Together you can light 2 more and it goes on. If any of yours happened to be put out in the middle of the journey , you can always light it from the many other ones which are still burning. :-)