Thursday, 6 March 2008

words punctured with silence

Unlike the common belief,
It is easy to be tolerant than to be accepting.
we tend to escape the surprises, with tolerance,
well-decked up with reasonableness and neutralization.

Being reasonable can be an Evasion- Mechanism .
( trying to be as evasive as the Holy spirit...)
However, i shall not cease from questioning myself.....about myself.

The hardest questions i have ever faced, never came from others.
It was all from within...
They were not on Cosmology or Epistemology,
but were all about my own Little Options.
Whenever i dared to ask myself: « why do you want it that way and not this way?»
Quite often, i touched silence.
That`s the reason, may be `J` wrote that my answers are «with words punctured with silences»
Now, i see clearly enough to accept that comment. Yes...i ACCEPT it

believe me, talking about Hegel`s Epistemology is far easier,
than answering about my own little preferences.
By avoiding surprises, i surprise myself...

Image courtesy: bushn

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