Thursday, 20 March 2008

Road to happiness

Is there a short cut to happiness?
do i sound like an author, trying to push his book up?
(oh, no.... i am not yet that cruel to write torture-books)


Today Jennifer was so elated, because she had the first sensations of her baby inside her.
David, was also happy because Patrick won gold medal, with his fingers on piano.
He was also happy about the first sensations Jenni had.
He says that every new baby is a message of hope, to this old world.
I too felt happy, as there was happiness around me.

I think, we can BE HAPPY, if we want to be.
the question is so short and direct... to be or not ?

everything else depends upon our answers.....yes, Everything....

image courtsey: R.i.c.a.r.d.o.

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