Sunday, 15 March 2009

INDIA REBORN: watch now with cautious optimism

CBC canada telecasts a documentary on India.

In 4 vibrant hours of HD television, INDIA REBORN charts the kaleidoscopic rise of one of the world’s newest and most unlikely superpowers. Epic and cinematic in scope, each episode unfolds with fascinating intimacy and insight revealing characters who reflect India’s dramatic transformation. INDIA REBORN is a potent mixture of dreams and despair, an entertaining and informative window into a land that could soon shape the future of the world.  

as the publicity puts it:  watch now with cautious optimism

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INDIA REBORN charts the rise of one of the world’s emerging superpowers. Cinematic in scope, the four-hour series unfolds with intimacy and insight, giving viewers a window into the lives of the people living through India’s dramatic transformation. A potent mixture of dreams and despair, INDIA REBORN is a fascinating look into a land that has a leading role in reshaping the world.