Friday, 13 March 2009

Writing the Mystic Body: Sexuality and Textuality

Writing the Mystic Body: Sexuality and
Textuality in the ecriture-feminine
Saint Catherine of Genoa

 And perhaps He has chosen her body to inscribe His will, even
if she is less able to read the inscription, poorer in language,
"crazier"in her speech ...
(Irigaray 1985a, 198)

The body, in particular the sexually specific body, has recently emerged as
a viable and important pathway into understanding women's attempts to
transform and transfigure  historical conditions of confinement and constraint
(Bynum 1987, 1990; Bell 1985; Bordo 1989). In theories of ecriture-feminine,
feminists have sought to rethink the female body outside its binary representation
and to develop textual alternatives to the traditional oppositions
dividing mind from body, reason from passion, culture from nature, and self
from other (Moi 1985; Irigaray 1985a). 

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