Wednesday, 25 March 2009

Why we should be talking about our happy experiences?

Why we should be talking about our happy experiences?

The silence about the self is an old age virtue.
Now a days we take the courage to talk about ourselves...
we talk about a lot of things; about our expectations, experiences, hopes, disappointments, etc.
Today we recognize it as very important to verbalize our inner life.

The other day i saw how an entire classroom became so animated and verbal,
when the skillful professor began to talk about the intimate experiences.
Initial hesitancy of many were replaced with an enthusiasm to be verbal about their intimate physical experiences,
when the subject was introduced so causally but with greater appreciation and self-esteem.
There were no taboos.

It is important we go verbal about our happy experiences.
( we have already learned that we have to talk-out our negative experiences)
Experiences become more distinctive and easy to recall when we verbalize them.
Yes! it is time be verbal about our little happy moments....
who told us that we lack happy moments... 
once we begin...we find out many other

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