Monday, 28 May 2007

do dare to look up!

Back in the days of wind-sailing ships, an inexperienced seaman was sent aloft in a storm to disentangle a length of broken rigging from the mainmast. His body lashed by the raging wind, the youngster climbed up swiftly and did the job. As he started down again, he happened to look below him at the angry sea and the rolling deck.

“I’m falling” he shouted as his grip weakened.
“Don’t look down, boy! Look up!” the mate called from the deck below.

The boy forced himself to turn his head and looked above him. Calm and reassured, he made his way back to the deck, safe.

At times when you pleasure to address yourself as an atheist or an agnostic,
I understand it in this way: S/he is busy climbing up and up…. S/he has not started down yet.

hi buddy,
when you start down and feel scared,
just do not loose grip,
but do dare to look up!

An Agnostic is a person who is so sure that god knows him even though he does not know God. In fact, he is so clever...

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