Thursday, 31 May 2007

Surviving theology

“Having survived a theology and a war
I now, love the rains…”

Generally my memory fails me in literature.
But the memory of reading those lines above, in an art related book is so vivid.
I miss the poet, but never the poem…
Count it as the true success of a poet, that poem survives longer…

In fact, I was waiting for the right time to come, to remember these lines to you.
Last year rains came pouring down sweet anxieties of expectation…
Expecting the bigger things in life.
But, tonight I can write these lines in total sang-froid.

What actually, have I survived…. a theology or a war
The conceptual or the actual…
I don’t know.
Only one thing I know the best;
Now the time has come to tell you those two lines I remember still.

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