Thursday, 31 May 2007

Mnemonic formulas for life

The person… in the grip of an old distress says things that are not pertinent, does things that don’t work, fails to cope with the situation, and endures terrible feelings that have nothing to do with the present.
- Harvey Jackins-

Then, what all things CONTAMINATE our lives…..i have a small list below.

Co- dependence
Offender behaviors
Narcissistic disorders
Trust issues
Acting out / Acting in behaviors
Magical beliefs
Intimacy dysfunctions
Nondisciplined behaviors
Addictive compulsive behaviors
Thought distortions
Emptiness (apathy, depression)

From the book’ Homecomingby john bradshaw ( I feel thankful to that unknown friend who left a copy of this book, at the second’s sale in exact shape, (even unread, I suspect). I only know what he misses by missing this book, hope one day he will be able to make up the loss…

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