Tuesday, 29 May 2007

SURPRISE (eight years old)

Today was really surprised to find one internet miracle.
searching for some old data,
I found out the very first website I hand-coded in 1999 is still on-line!!!
I am sure over the last long eight years, you have forgotten it…
even though what I wrote that time is not so relevant now,
I found something interesting me even now.
fine… you can read it down here….

a poem untitled:
Some live as if in exile,
Recognised by even not a single wind.
They are neither remembered nor forgotten,
Simply, they are NOT.
An Eternal Negation.
I fear it,
So these words to you
My words will survive longer than me…..

and a sensible quotation on ‘Word of God’:

"Every attempt to transcreate a sacred text is a voyage of sunlit discovery.
Indeed, we net coral when we trawl for fish.
We lift a stone and start a wing.
We turn a corner, and stumble on the valley of flowers."

You know, I wonder what a genius I ‘was’ in those days of Existentialism, Kierkegaard and Hegel….hahahah

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