Friday, 26 October 2007

Fishing Lessons: Graces should be Manageable!

It was a bright sunny morning. There were many people on the pier sitting almost still as in a meditation, waiting to feel the pull on their specially designed fishing lines with multiple hooks.

I stood there watching them in all expectation.

Suddenly the man next to me surprised us all with a great catch.
There were more than fifteen; practically each hook had a medium sized silver coloured booty on it.
I was excited to see it, but the man was a bit desperate.
It’s all gonehe muttered in low voice, looking at me, with an apparent hesitation to lift the line up.
I felt even more surprised at the way he behaved so odd to this morning grace. But things became clear, when he began to draw the line back. It snapped the mid-way!!! He lost everything, the fish and the fishing line. I felt sad, but he was not. He had anticipated it already.

It is not enough that we are successful but is also must be manageable. For a success to benefit us, it should be in our control. Most of the times certain huge successes surprise us all unaware, but they never result any standing transformation.

That is why we are cursed to find many ‘lucky people’ falling back to their previous state of impoverishment, even though the heavens tried to lift them up through some really mind-blowing lottery prizes. Sadly and oddly enough those instances of glory literally blow their minds out of them, and they fail to mind their luck/success

Learning to manage our graces is of equal importance as that of attaining them.
We should learn how to manage our graces.

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