Friday, 26 October 2007

Pass through the Neutral

How do you beat your despair?

It is an often asked, often answered, but seldom satisfying, a question.
Well! My way should be simple, I suppose.

I believe I have a right to be desperate, just as I have a right to be hopeful.
To be desperate is not the final option but just a mid-place just as the neutral gear in the car. We have to pass through the neutral gear to reach one gear from the other.

The game is to keep on the movement.
The beginner may have some initial troubles with the neutral.
But when accustomed, we shift between higher and lower gears effortlessly
Without much bothering about the ‘Naughty Neutral’.

Despair is such a Neutral state.
It means nothing, neither the positive nor the negative.
It is an absence of hope, the force behind our wheels.
It all matters where you go from this state of decisive Neutrality.

You can’t stay long in despair (if so it becomes Melancholy, a not so normal condition)
You have to move on. It all matters to where do you move.
To up or to down?

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