Thursday, 18 October 2007

The Inverted Grace:

At times it takes a lot of courage and a miraculous sense of patience, to look at life gracefully. We struggle hard with our words and concepts to get even the smaller and seemingly insignificant things right. Most of the times the knowledge of our limits becomes not a boon (which it supposed to be), but a bane that cuts us short of what we should would have to be. This is a real situation we all face, and it needs no further illustrations or examples to aid clarity. Do the Boundaries help us to surpass? It is often asked, sometimes in words, but mostly in silence of deep sighs.

I swear by four johari regions.There are It seems to me, all the boundaries I am aware of are not grace but indeed they are also not curses. They are in actuality, INVERTED GRACES. I have seen many limitations turn into great Possibilities. Boundaries helping people to abound in life.

Yes, I am in all my rights to turn all those limitations into expectations., boundaries into abounding streams of Gracefulness. Inverted Graces are to inverted into Invited graces…

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