Wednesday, 20 June 2007

The apple seed and the art of Zen

I sit near the window, biting an apple.
I see the clouds, ready for the shower.
I throw the seeds out…through the window,
But they hit the grill and fall back in…
I try again, bit it repeats…

Surprised, I now look at the garden outside
And throw the seeds out,
Wonder! now they are out scattered in the garden!!!!

It never teaches you anything about your ‘aiming’ faculty,
It all reminds us of a little scientific fact;

“No one can aim at nothingness/ infinity”
When I looked at the sky, it was infinity…. so hard to focus
But the garden outside, was a reality.
So I had a realistic place to focus…

It is the same with penalty kicks in the football stadiums…
The lonely striker sees only the goal post,
And that’s why he meticulously kicks,… onto the post bars.
It is the same in basketball…player sees the ring alone…
So it bounces back hitting the rim.
Without the flag post, golf would be an impossible game…

it is
the art of Zen to learn to see the vacant places between….
dream and reality, you and me.

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