Sunday, 10 June 2007

AR Rahaman on Taj

Radha Krishna Ki Mohabbat
Aadam Haua Ki Mohabbat
Heer Aur Ranjha Ki Mohabbat ..Ek Hai

Shaah Jahaan Mumtaaz Ki Mohabbat
Laila Majnu ki Mohabbat
Teri Aur Meri Mohabbat Ek Hai
Teri Aur Meri Mohabbat Ek Hai

Great lyrics….. I think it will grab universal attention. Someone please translate it and spread…( I strictly do not want Geo and Niz to do this service…okay, u get what I mean!!!)

( Anthem & lyrics download at : )

PS. Special thanks to HPK for letting me experience the inside stories and wonders right form the studio. As with everything of AR, this structure too struck my mind so fast…thx buddy!!!

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