Saturday, 16 June 2007

Sacred Heart and a story

Today, i take the liberty to publish an email i received from a friend. I am sure it will benfit you...

"On this Solemnity and Feast of the Sacred Heart of Jesus may you realize His Heart beating within yours, His Love pouring forth from your heart, His generosity moving you to greatness.

I had mentioned St. Fr. Jose Maria Escriva and how he awoke, leaping out of bed, prostrating himself, kissing the ground and saying, "I will serve". So I'll share with you how this Priest has encouraged me, and in sharing I hope it encourages you.

We have moved many times. In the first 11 years of our marriage, we have been in eight (!!!) different apartments or homes. And always we put a crucifix over the door we enter. It is an old crucifix, it has suffered much damage in moving so many times. About a year ago it fell to the ground and the cross crumbled into so many pieces, it was beyond repair. At the time, I was reading a lot of the writings of Fr. Escriva. And I looked at the Body of Christ laying in the pile of pieces that had been the cross. The cross is our life, but Jesus had victory over the cross and sin and death. I had so many different thoughts, all thanks to Fr. Escriva. But I didn't know what to do with Jesus. I decided to put him in a stone chalice that I had received as a gift. That night, I was awoken. What immediately came to mind was Jesus. And that He wanted to be with me. In the dark I went downstairs and retrieved him. Each night alongside Jim I hold Jesus in my hand as I pray, I kiss Him, I thank Him, and I tell Him all sorts of things. And then he rests on my heart through the night. If I awaken, He is always there. His Body is a constant reminder during my sleep that He is EVER-PRESENT, always and forever. From here to eternity. Having him with me so tangibly during my rest and sleep has given me a tremendous realization and boost in His Real Presence within me ALWAYS.

May you grow in knowing the reality of the Real Presence of Jesus in yourself and in others. Onward, forward . . ."

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