Tuesday, 12 June 2007

Music matches the mind

Plato asked it quite long ago and said ‘a variation in music means a variation in the culture and living.’ Modern Psychologists (American School) says it should match the speed of the mind. What you enjoy reflects as well as reconstructs your thought and life.
So music is also a cultural tool….

Okay, okay why al this blahblah now? Actually yesterday I thought of writing about music. But rains look me away to sleep early. so now back after the class at ‘LIFE’, I write this. There was a topic on Music. I sat silent, because I know; I should make it more musical with letters than with sounds. So that you will hear me talk…

P.S. special thanks to Sebbie who showed me how to pull down the heavens with a well calculated movement of Pernambuco wood ( or read ‘bow’). But still I believe that, drizzle was not a miracle, there were clouds already….

( thanks to Sebbi, and LIFE)

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