Sunday, 3 June 2007

Battered and torn apart, you end up…

It surprises me never that many of our friendships
Leaves us battered and broken apart.
If you ask me ‘why is it so?’
I have no one answer, but many…
Do not blame me as being insensitive,
Sometimes the stark reality is so insensitive…

I think, we should learn to appreciate and respect the boundaries of the other.
We all should learn to extract out the aspect of possessiveness.
some learn it naturally, others the harder way.

In friendships we should look for ‘gratefulness’ but no ‘claims’
I wonder when you will learn it,
and stop shouting at me for being so hard and harsh.
It's my duty to be so, i can't help it
You may say I never ever understand your ‘problems’…
But never ever say I did not give you my 'time and support'.

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