Monday, 4 June 2007

Exclusively for Nysa mol…..( u r not to read it)

hi ammuji, congratulations on your tear-filled first school day!$%$%$$%%*&*^
I am sure your dad/ mom will read this to u….
( I have nothing else to blog today, so this ‘public’ message to you)

Today all of a sudden I remembered you…
Today after the evening-service, I had veneration of the relic of St. Martin.
People were flocking all around to touch/ kiss it.
All of a sudden a kid jumped at me from her mother’s hand,
and grabbed the relic, and began to handle it as if an ice cream
I could not contain my laughter… then chapel, too, was full of laughter
I remembered the first time I had such an experience,
That was you, and you were just two that time.
you began biting my hand for not giving you Holy communion.
I know, there are many more little Nysa’s……

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