Sunday, 10 June 2007

Paulo Coelho: Remembrance and Search for God

Coelho writes in Maria’s Diary:

“In all the languages of the world, there is the same proverb: what eyes don’t see, the heart doesn’t grieve over. Well, I say that there isn’t an ounce of truth init. The further off they are, the closer to the heart are all those feelings that we try to repress and forget.If we’re in exile, we want to store away every tiny memory of our roots. If we’re far from the person we love, everyone we pass in the street reminds us of them.

The gospels and all the sacred texts of all religions were written in exile, in search of God’s understanding, of the faith that moves whole peoples, of the pilgrimage of souls wandering the face of the earth. Our ancestors did not know, as we do not know, what Divinity expects from our lives – and it is out of that doubt that books are written, pictures painted, because we don’t want to forget who we are – nor can we”

(eleven minutes)

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